Players of the "Grand Theft Auto V" will get loads from the new exclusive Christmas season feature with the recently released update. This also includes a number of new items, bigger rewards and a new exclusive feature for "GTA Online."

Gamespot recently reported that Rockstar Games just brought the Festive Surprise 2016 event. The event was first seen in ItsJackFrost's official tweets regarding a Christmas-inspired set of clothes for the open-world crime spree game.

The update contains the popular Santa costume as well as a Gingerbread Man-themed masks for a unique heist experience. Some fetching jumpers have also been said to be part of the event, free of charge.

As confirmed by the report, players will be given the chance to earn from double up to triple rewards in selling vehicles with the recently released DLC, "Import/Export." On top of all these, two new cars also made their ways in the game respectively called Truffade Nero and Nero Custom.

In other news, Attack of The Fanboy reported that "GTA V" managed to sell more than six million copies in the UK alone. This is not including the digital sales, which also happens to be almost as big.

Ever since 2013 where the game was initially released, "GTA V" have now made some steady sales figure that amounts around £900 up to the present time. This caused a number of speculations about the highly rumored "GTA 6" from being far from happening anytime soon.

The rumors about the sequel have been around for some time now and despite other titles like "Red Dead Redemption 2" getting finally announced, fans of "GTA" are still in the dark with its 6th installment, especially the fact that "GTA Online" is still booming in the market and Rockstar Games still regularly release updates for the almost four-year-old PC port of "GTA V."