Good news for all Minecraft fans out there! Apple TV just released a Minecraft App in time for all the down times this holidays.

Mojang (Minecraft Developer) has landed on the Apple TV OS to offer the Minecraft: Apple TV Edition, according to The Verve. For the price of $19.99, gamers can get a game bundle that features DLC packs, which includes City Folk skin packs, Holiday 2015, and Town Folk. It also comes in with Cartoon, Natural, Plastic and Festive 2016 fusion release. The latest game release is now offered in different regions.

According to Minecraft, the Apple TV Edition release also features the Ender Update. This monster-worthy update features all the great things that you could ever wish. It has all "Ender" things such as End cities, End ships, Ender dragons and all goodies related to the Ender dimension.

This new release was launched simultaneously with the Pocket and Window versions of the Minecraft game. Thew new Minecraft update allows the player to create an alternate realm, "The End". It has all kinds of monsters and items such as Ender Crystals and Ender Pearls. Players can fight the ultimate baddie himself, the Ender Dragon.

Take note that in the new release players are given the chance to customize their playing experience as much as they like. However, these seven DLC packs are only available for a limited offer. So grab your own version today and enjoy them with Apple slim black boxes.

With its latest release, gamers are still waiting for an update on its two missing features. This is the Microsoft Realms and Xbox Live support. However, sources say that the Minecraft Developer, Mojang, will be offering this in the near future. So Microsoft Realms and Xbox should not have to worry about missing out on this monster of an update and they will have their turn soon.