A lot of anticipating gamers have reacted in a negative way when Ubisoft announced that "For Honor" will require constant internet connection. However, will peer-to-peer be the solution for any potential problems that would shoo away the game's sales?

Regarding on numerous news report including This Gen Gaming, fans have started voicing out their dismay with Ubisoft's decision to keep "For Honor" exclusive for players who are constantly connected to the internet. This was the same "stunt" as what Microsoft tried to pull off with the initial announcement of Xbox One that was not implemented in the end.

One of Ubisoft's primary reasons regarding the requirement is to combat piracy of "For Honor" that isn't exactly the first game to do it. However, this would severely reduce the number of players enjoying the game not because it will be pirated, but instead, the absence of a decent internet connection.

For those who have a decent internet connection, starting the game and keeping that connection stable is two different stories. Things like outages and spikes on speed could lead players to a game disconnection. "For Honor" is required to be connected to the internet on both single player and multiplayer sessions.

However, PCGamesN reported that Ubisoft is confident about the internet connection requirement as it will be through peer-to-peer for multiplayer matches. The online servers are only dedicated to single player campaigns, though there's no assurance of an error free experience from the player or the server's end.

Ubisoft claims that it designed the P2P feature for "For Honor" to avoid any unfair advantage on either end by ensuring a lag-free architecture. While this is all good and reassuring, it still left the main issue of having to go online, especially for those who never had any interest in playing multiplayer games and only want the single player feature of "For Honor."