President-elect Donald Trump has made a statement concerning his views towards climate change. The newly elected president said that nobody really knows if the United States should back out on the agreement it has made with other countries in Paris about reducing greenhouse gas emissions on countries.

The said agreement made in 2015, has been the reason behind President Obama's efforts in reducing carbon emissions. According to The Washington Post, Trump said that h is concerned about how these efforts on fighting climate change affects America's competitiveness globally but still insists that he is very open-minded about climate change's issue being underway.

Trump also said in his statement that he knows and gets climate change's idea and knows about its causes and effects, but believes that it should be something that does not happen so fast. The news site also reports that the president-elect said that nobody is so sure if climate change is real.

Huffington Post reports that his views and comments regarding climate change is because of his concern for America and does not want to let climate change actions to put the country into a competitive disadvantage because it is possible that while the U.S is too busy dealing with climate change, other countries could be "eating our lunch."

In line with this, French President Francois Holland announced that he would like to speak to Trump regarding his idea of backing out on the agreement in Paris towards preventing climate change. He said that United States must honor their agreement most especially that America is the second country that emits a lot of greenhouse gases globally.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has made a statement about climate change. In 2012, Trump said on his tweet that climate change is only made up by China and is a hoax to affect and get ahead of America's effectiveness in production. After being slammed by people on social media, Trump then said that his statement was a joke.