For the first time in over 50 years, the United States is flying regularly scheduled passenger flights to Havana. More than nine airlines now service routes to and from different cities in the United States to Havana, Cuba.

According to USA Today, this move follows an aviation pact agreed on by Cuba and the Obama administration. This follows a visit by Obama to Havana during his term, meant to improve relationships between Cuba and the United States. During this deal Obama and the Cuban government reached an agreement wherein travel restrictions for U.S. citizens would be eased. (READ: Top Five Countries Barack Obama Visited During His Eight-Year Presidential Term)

There are some doubts with how incoming U.S. President Donald Trump will be handling relations with Cuba, given that he has said on Twitter that he will "terminate deal" with the communist-ruled country if a better agreement is not reached for both countries, Howevr, the world's largest airline, American Airlines, launched its first flight from Miami to Havana last November 28. AA also intends to launch another Havana-bound plane from Charlotte on November 30. (READ: Travel During The Trump Presidency - Stricter Immigration Restrictions)

American Airlines' closest competitor, JetBlue is not one to be late to the party, launching three flights to Havana the week of November 28, according to Fortune. JetBlue is even offering free Cuba-themed cakes and cookies to passengers for its inaugural flight. In the earlier months of 2016, U.S. airlines have been flying to smaller cities in Cuba, an effort at establishing a market and demand in the country. (READ: What is 2017's Most Excellent Airline?)

Currently, six more American airlines are expected to launch flights to Havana by January 2017. These airlines include Alaska Airlines flying from Los Angeles, Delta from Atlanta, Miami and New York JFK, Frontier from Miami, Spirit from Fort Lauderdale, Southwest from Tampa and Fort Lauderdale and United from Newark Liberty and Houston Bush.