Since the election of Donald Trump, America's new President-elect, a question on many people's minds are, "what's next for Barack Obama?" Having spanned 2 presidential terms of 4 years each, many people are bracing for a total change in the White House's governance and overall personality.

According to Fox News, Obama is currently traveling now, on his last major foreign trip before he is replaced in January. On his agenda is Greece on November 15 to meet with the President and Prime Minister over Greece's economic situation and Europe's refugee crisis. On November 17, Obama is then expected to head to Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as the leaders of France, Britain and Italy, in order to talk about Ukraine, Syria, ISIS and foreign trade. The last leg of his trip is the visit to Peru on November 18 for the annual APEC summit.

Having made waves in America and the international community, President Obama has certainly visited a lot of countries, with aides reporting that it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job for him. Despite many conservative watch groups complaining about expenditure, Obama's exposure in these countries is said to have raised the level of cooperation between the countries he has visited and America, with the president taking the forefront of enjoying tourist destinations and understanding local culture, according to The New York Times. Here are some places he has visited during his term.

1. Vietnam- On President Obama's visit to Vietnam, he headed to Hanoi to sample a bowl of Vietnamese pho with celebrity chef and food critic, Anthony Bourdain on his TV show "No Reservations". Despite bitter memories of the America-Vietnam war, the gesture was seen as a sign of good will, with the two Americans sitting in a small restaurant, decked in plastic stools and simple furnishings. The restaurant created a special dish called the "Obama Special", which all travelers can sample upon visiting Bun Cha, Huong Lien.

2. Cuba- Another country that America has seen tension with, Barack Obama took his wife on a romantic dinner date in Havana. Again, this gesture made many Cubans hopeful of improved relationships between them and the United States.

3. Britain- Having been in Wales for a NATO Convention, President Obama took a motorcade to Stonehenge. In this famous landmark with its tall, mysterious columns, Obama said that it was a truly "special place" and exclaimed that he had "knocked it off the bucket list!"

4. Italy- Obama was in Rome to meet Pope Francis back in 2014, who was newly instated. He then decided to take a private guided tour through the Roman Colosseum, albeit at almost 11pm at night.

5. Jordan- Obama took a side trip to Petra, one of Jordan's biggest tourist attractions with its tall red cliffs and 2,000 year old ruins intricately carved into its famed sandstone cliffs. Obama took this side trip after four grueling days of peace negotiations in the Middle East in 2013.