This latest US election rocked America, with a surprise win by Donald Trump. For those who want to get in on the latest drama at the White House, the presidential house does offer tours for travelers. Learn to live like a president and see this Neo-Classical wonder that has seen many presidents come and go since 1812. Here are some tips and secrets you might not have known about America's famous White House.

1. Schedule in advance- For US Citizens, a public tour request must be submitted through one's Member of Congress, according to the US National Park Service. Tours are available on a first come, first served basis and must be submitted at least 3 months to 21 days in advance. Foreigners, on the other hand, need only contact their country's embassy in Washington D.C. for assistance in requesting to visit. The visit to the White House is free of charge. In addition, it is a self-guided tour and runs Tuesday to Saturday, except for holidays.

2. What to bring and what not to bring- The White House strictly prohibits video cameras and cameras with detachable lenses, as well as tablets, tripods and camera sticks. Compact cameras are allowed, as are cell phones, but lenses must be less than 3 inches long and video recording and streaming is prohibited. Any kind of bag is prohibited, as are strollers, food, liquids and other grooming products. Wallets are allowed, as are medical-purpose items like wheelchairs, electronic scooters, EpiPens, medications, etc. Needless to say, all types of weapons and sharp objects are not allowed.

3. There's a White House in Dublin, Ireland- The White House's architect was James Hoban, an Irish immigrant, who was said to base the design off of the Leinster House in Dublin, the seat of the Irish Parliament. In addition, the American White House was made by immigrant laborers, Scottish masons, Irish and Italian brick and plaster workers, and, sadly, African American slaves, according to Travel and LeisureClick here to find out how Trump's new policies affect travel and immigration.

4. Presidents renovated the White House- In 1933, Roosevelt made the White House wheelchair-friendly, as a response to his condition, and today, the White House enjoys accessibility for all in terms of its design, with the convenience of ramps and elevators. In addition, he added a heated indoor pool for his polio therapy. During Nixon's term, he paved over the pool to create a pressroom with tiled walls, and these tiles were signed by celebrities such as Anderson Cooper, Sugar Rey and Bono. The latest addition to this area was during Bill Clinton's term, when he added a hot tub near the South Lawn with seven-seats. Click here to find out about the mysterious room behind Mount Rushmore.

5. Abraham Lincoln haunts guests- Many supposed eye-witnesses have told this tale, with the most noteworthy one being Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill supposedly encountered Lincoln's spirit while emerging from his bath tub, and in succeeding years, did not stay in that bedroom again, in case Abe intended to haunt him again while in the nude. Click here to see the haunted locations "American Horror Story" based their series on. Check out this video to see Barack and Michelle Obama surprising White House tourists: