February 25, 2024 4:27 PM

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Americans Prefer Amusement Parks Over National Parks, Study Reveals

A study on Americans' wanderlust revealed they prefer going to an amusement park to a national park.


Trump Celebrates First Easter Egg Roll As US President

With less than 100 days in leadership, US President Donald Trump celebrates his first Easter Egg Roll in the White House.


Travel Tips: Visit The White House After The Election Drama! Top Tips And Secrets For Tourists

After the surprise election results this November, many tourists will want to see the action firsthand and will be heading to the White House. Check out these important tips for booking a tour, and noteworthy details to look for during your visit.


The White House Tour: A Better Look At The Private Living Areas Of The United States’ President

A better view of the Obama family's living quarters inside the White House during President Obama's term of presidency.


Lucky Visitors Will Get to Tour The White House Gardens This Fall

For two days, visitors can get to walk outside the White House gardens and walk like the first family does. The official residence will be opening its grounds and gardens to guests on October 8 until October 9, according to Lonely Planet.


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