Google has streamlined travel enquiries so much, by being able to plan your flight, accommodation, tour packages, itineraries, and even your packing list. Because of this, countries Americans don't regularly travel to are gaining even more popularity, with the ease it takes in booking and reading about the destination and its nuances.

For 2016, the most searched for country on Google is Croatia, with its seaside cliffs and Romanesque cities. According to Lonely Planet, search engine data analyzed by teflSeach revealed that other top destinations included Greece, Turkey, Thailand and Spain. It should be noted that all these countries feature great beaches, rich culture and affordable price ranges. Rounding down the Top 10 list are Italy, Cuba, Portugal, Malta and the United States.

For Americans in particular, the most searched for travel destinations on Google included the United Kingdom, Mexico and Cuba. Interestingly, Croatians, who topped the list, searched for Maldives, Thailand, Malta, Greece and Cuba. Already a Mediterranean favorite and known as the crown jewel of the Adriatic, Travel and Leisure believes that the success of HBO's "Game of Thrones" series drew people to Croatia and its marvelous landscapes. The popular series featured many scenes filmed in Croatia, particularly those for Meereen and King's Landing. (READ: Best Places to Visit in Croatia for "Game of Thrones" fans)

Besides being a popular backdrop to period dramas, Zagreb, its capital is rife with history and 19th century architecture and has the Marticeva, a hip new design district in the artistic European capital. In addition, Istria, along its beautiful Dalmatian Coast, has spiked with visitors in recent years thanks to its efforts in agritourism and producing award-winning fine wines. (READ: The Top Five Wine Regions in America)

Besides its amazing cities, Croatia also has two large national parks with exquisite waterfalls among its limestone and chalk cliffs, as well as turquoise lakes and vast underground caves. Plitvice Lakes National Park, officially a UNESCO Heritage Site features a stunning wooden boardwalk with views of the entire park. On the other hand, Krka National Park is just as beautiful and is only two hours away by car from Zagreb.