Ten years ago, Apple has changed the game by introducing touchscreen phones to its consumers. The company has been releasing new phones every year with tweaks and changes but next year, Apple is expected to do a major leap: a curved iPhone with a wireless charging feature.

According to Mashable, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is now currently testing more than 10 prototypes of the upcoming iphone model, which is expected to be released next year, marking its 10th year anniversary. The news site also stated that the source they cited reported that one of the prototypes Apple is testing for the iPhone 8 design is a curved screen, with better resolution than its successor, the iPhone 7 and 7S which was released in September.

iPhone 8 is rumored to be having an Organic Light-emitting Diode or OLED technology, which will make the curved screen with better resolution possible for the new iPhone. This technology is also said to offer much lower power consumption, as reported by Business InsiderMeanwhile, Fortune has reported that Apple's consumers have been criticizing the company since it has not offered the features other smartphone companies are already offering. This has intensified when Apple released its iPhone 7 this year which is more like iPhone 6, but with a few tweaks.

Recent reports also showed that Apple's sales have been declining and with the consumers and critics asking for more, this should be a pressure for Apple to completely change the game in smartphone innovation next year. Aside from the rumors that the iPhone 8 will have a curved screen and an OLED technology, other speculations states that Apple is bound to add wireless charging feature to the upcoming iPhone 8.

And since the iphone has just introduced a phone without earphone port when it released iPhone 7, it is also expected to remove the home button next year. As of this writing, Apple has not yet released a statement about the speculations and rumors about the iPhone 8 prototypes and if they will really be releasing a new phone next year.