With long lines, security checks, and having to navigate through the maze of carousels and boarding gates, air travel is stressful from the moment you walk into the airport. Thankfully, the technology age has once again provided weary travelers with useful tools that can help ease their struggles. Check out these best airport apps 2016.

Ditch the long customs and border protection lines with the US Customs and Border Protection approved Mobile Passport app. This handy mobile application allows US passport holders to fill out profiles and answer CBP questions directly from their iOS and Android devices.

Once the information has been received by the CBP, app users may go directly to the Mobile Passport Control lane express lane at selected US airports. The application is free to use and available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Security and baggage checks can shave off a lot of time. In addition, holding up a line will not only inconvenience you, but passengers following after. Avoid breaking any of the TSA's rules when packing or travelling with the My TSA app.

The application provides passengers with answers to frequently asked questions regarding requirements, provides useful travel tips, and lists down red flags during security checks. According to Business Insider, it can even give information regarding the waiting times at some airports via a TSA PreCheck extension app.

Finding your way through an unfamiliar airport can lead to some very heavy consequences, especially if you're already running late. However, mobile apps such as GateGuru are airport gate finders that can help you easily navigate through airports, allowing you to avoid any unnecessary wait times.

This airport terminal navigation app provides free detailed maps of hundreds of airports around the world, inclusive of gate directions and available amenities. In addition, the app supplies line wait times, passenger ratings, and promotion deals submitted by other passengers and application users.

Everyone knows how terrible it is to skip out on a good meal before leaving for a long flight. Don't risk having to resort to airplane food with the AirGrub app. This revolutionary new app allows users to pre-order meals for pick up upon arrival to the airport.

With operations in New York's JFK, Boston's Logan, and San Fransisco's SFO, app users can get great meals by simply entering their flight details. The app provides a list of available options, input a pick up time, and head to the establishment's app exclusive line upon arrival.

At airports, keeping track of your flight's progress can be like a guessing game, never knowing whether you'll be delayed or not. However, the mobile app FlightBoard helps passengers map out their expected departure and arrival times based on airport trends.

As stated by Travel and Leisure, helps users keep track of all the arrivals and departures from over four thousand airports, refreshed every five minutes. This useful app provides users with all the information they'll need to determine flight details, including weather reports.