Google has yet again blessed the world with a new technological advancement in the form of the mobile app, PhotoScan. This standalone app by Google Photos lets users scan, fix, and store any photo with the use of an Android of iOS device.

Google's PhotoScan is a newly released mobile application that was created as a means to transform old prints such as family vacation photos and childhood moments into digitally enhanced photos. According to Google's official blog, the app makes it possible to share these memories without having to purchase a scanner or giving away the original copy.

The app features a user-friendly interface that allows quick and easy photo detection and editing. In addition, all users are given the option to save all scanned photos to Google Photos. These saved photos may be organized into albums, shared via social media, and backed up by the company, free of charge.

The application is programmed to automatically detect edges, photo orientation, remove glare and other imperfections. PhotoShare also comes equipped with three professional-level editing and enhancement tools such as exposure and saturation adjustments.

Google has also moved to note that the app comes inclusive of 12 "looks" that may be used to further enhance images. The unique filters utilize machine intelligence to adjust photo brightness, warmth, sharpness or saturation.

In an interview conducted by The Verge, Google Photos' lead product developer, David Lieb, stated that the goal of the application is to allow individuals to digitize and store their old photographs for safekeeping. Lieb also moved to note that this need arose due to the mass quantity of photos having been destroyed by natural calamities.

The application has also appealed to world travellers whom have documented their adventures with instax or polaroids. Not only will these memories be available for sharing, but the application also gives them an opportunity to safely keep their photos from tearing or water damage through the use of technology.

PhotoScan has been released as an update to Google Photos, a photo and video sharing device announced in May 2015. As of earlier this year, the platform has reportedly raked in over 200 million users, but is still trailing behind other platforms such as Facebook and Amazon.

Google PhotoScan was released as a free download on November 15, 2016. It is available for download via the Google Play Store and the App Store on iOS.