On Thanksgiving week this year, approximately 49 million Americans will be travelling--a million increase from last year. This would mean longer lines, traffic, and dissatisfaction. With enough preparation and help from technology, however, you can make things easier. Here are apps can make your Thanksgiving travel less stressful. Find out here.

American Automobile Association has studied that out of the 49 million projected travellers, 3.69 million will be travelling by plane, and 43.5 million will be taking a road trip. While waiting for your next flight or while stuck in traffic, these apps will provide you with the assistance that you need.

One of the must-have travel app this season is Waze, an application that provides real-time assistance to navigate through roads. It also gives warning on any accidents and street bottlenecks. Fortune published news in March this year that Waze has added a speeding alert feature that notifies if drivers are going beyond the speed limit. The app company is continuously upgrading its functions so users can be sure that travellers will enjoy their road experience.

Another app that should not be missed is the GasBuddy, a tool which will help road travellers find everything about filling up their gas tanks.

For those who are travelling by plane, have the Transportation Security Administration right on your tips with the My TSA app. This one is especially helpful to first-time passengers of an airport.

For those who are traveling with friends,  companions this year, a helpful app called Splittr will be very useful for allocating expenses among a group of peers. Another useful organization app is Evernote, which allows you to be more efficient and productive. You make take all kinds of notes with Evernote.

Thanksgiving need not be a headache, after all, it is a great feast that is celebrated only once a year. Make the most out of it with your loved ones. Do you have these apps with you? Download them if you haven't yet!