Prepare yourself if you're traveling this holiday as the airlines this Thanksgiving will accommodate nearly a million more people than last year. There will reportedly be a 2.5 percent increase of people who will travel and have their flights five days before the actual day of Thanksgiving.

Expect to be caught in a heavy traffic on your way to the airlines on Wednesday through Sunday. "We are actually gaging this from Wednesday Nov. 23 through Sunday Nov. 27, so we expect that people will be getting on the road either the day before or the actual day of, Wednesday, to actually start their vacations," stated by Tamera Johnson of Triple-A.

These days will be the estimated time when people will start crowding in the airlines while the actual Thanksgiving Day will accommodate the fewest passengers, according to one of our earliest reports.

To avoid the hassles of traveling this holiday, here are some tips to breeze through your trip.

Book your trip early. If you plan ahead, you can book a deal that is affordable yet decent. Last minute booking of flights mostly result to disappointment.

Make use of apps and websites. This digital age makes everything easy, including travel. Make use of Google Trends and Google Maps to check the busiest roads and airports. Check your airline's website or download apps for parking like SpotHero.  

Arrive early.

The busiest airports this Thanksgiving are as follows: Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Dallas International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Atlanta International Airport. If it can't be helped but book your flight in these airports, arrive a few hours early to avoid long queue.