The Denver International Airport is set to hire more staff for Thanksgiving, as projection shows an expected 8-10% increase from last year.

The Denver Post reported that a rush of about 1.1 million travellers are predicted to travel this year. Sunday following the holiday is predicted to be the busiest. The airport management is targeting for a more systematic operations this year which is hoped to be achieved by hiring more contract workers.

Carrie Harmon of the Transportation Security Administration stated: "DEN will be fully staffed and ready to accommodate the additional passengers we see this time of the year." The goal is to strengthen the TSA in doing their primary job , which is to make sure the security's tight and efficient. 

Earlier in April this year, the airport was packed with unsatisfied passengers in long queues for security check. The hub does not want to have a similar scenario again. The increase in manpower staff and canine teams are ensured by the agency. The additional staff will be assigned non-security tasks. The Transportation Security Administration assured that real-time monitoring of the airport processes will be conducted.

The public is requested to be aware of their responsibilities as passengers and are come to the airport a little early. On the official website of the DEN, there is a message about checkpoint hours, screening policies, transit times.

These reminders could be read in advance and would be able to help passengers navigate their way through airport facility. Knowing that there is an expected higher volume of travellers this coming week, passengers can prepare well in advance.