Vacations can be pretty tiring for some people. To enjoy a well-earned vacation, it takes a lot of planning and calculations to make sure nothing will go wrong during the trip, which is supposed to be relaxing.  Some people fail to do such things and consider vacation planning as a very tiring activity, tiring to the point that even the vacation that they planned ahead can't relieve the stress.

While in other cases, instead of going on a vacation, many people nowadays, particularly the Millennials, sacrifice vacations, for the sake of getting a raise or a promotion, feel guilty in using their time offs, or they just want to show complete dedication to the company they are working for, according to Forbes. Even so, our bodies crave for relaxation from time to time. Here are a few tips from Investopedia that will help travelers avoid disasters during their holiday trips. These tips will help lessen the stress of traveling and will further improve one's planning skills in terms of traveling.

First, travelers should always be alert for changes in tickets. It is not unusual for airlines to change their departure times by minutes, more or less, after booking flights. Make sure to always check the reservation the night before, just to make sure. Make sure to check the seats reserved. Select seats that will most likely be comfortable for you, and do it earlier to avoid hassle.

There are things that you can and can't bring in your hand-carry bags. Some things you can bring are pastries, cookies, sandwiches, and even ice skates, knitting needles and less-than-7 inch screwdrivers. Do not include containers bigger than 3.4 ounces, scissors with 4-inch blades or longer and razors in your carry bags. Take note that these things will also be checked via x-ray.

Make sure to arrive at the airport at an early time. For domestic flights, travelers should be there 90 minutes early and two hours earlier for international flights, to avoid the bad crowds and stressful long lines. Here's also a video on how to survive very long flights: