November signals the start of the holiday season, which means there are more presents to buy, feasts to prepare and also, a lot of travel opportunities right around the corner. Studies show that during the month of November is the best month to use credit cards. There are sign up bonuses that usually occur in November, perfect to use while going on a vacation during that particular month to acquire extra travel points or redeem miles. Credit card users can even acquire an average of 177 dollars during this month.

According to Travel and Leisure, prices of airlines are lower than usual during the month of November and it's also a good time to visit Paris, France for a few days to unwind. Unlike during the Christmas season, famous places like the Louvre or the Musée Rodin will be less crowded. The heat lamps are turned on during this time of the year, so visitors can enjoy a nice warm cup of tea or a glass of wine on terraces across the city. "I think it's also the weather and the mood of being in the city that's hard to describe: you have that beautiful Parisian light set against the Belle Epoque architecture," said travel agency Atout France's spokesperson, Mimi Chloe Park.

Champs Elysées is also a good place to go to during this time of the year, with all the yellow, red and orange colors of the falling leaves gives off a better view for travelers to see. There are also free merry-go-rounds and ice-skating rinks in Champs Elysées and in the Hotel de Ville, according to Aberdeen News. The region of Paris also offered the "CityPass" that will also count as subway tickets and entry for many popular sites, so that tourists will not be carrying huge amounts of money while touring the city.

Ever since the terrorist attack that recently occurred, security is even tighter than ever. During the month of November, a sight to see also in France is the "marchés de Noel" or Christmas markets, along with the autumn festival. This is also a good place to buy presents for loved ones and friends. Also during every third Thursday of November, the arrival of Beaujolais nouveau is celebrated with everyone in the city having a free taste of fresh red wine.