Europe is visited by many tourists all over the world. Many of the famous tourist spots come from Europe. There are also tons of stereotypes among European people some say they are unhelpful and rude, but how true is that?

In a travel to the wonderful countries of Europe, there are norms every tourist should know before going there. In order to know more about and know how to survive Europe, Traveller and USA today cited some tips travelers should know once they plan to go on a Europe trip.

Expensive trains- In most foreign countries, tourists usually take the train when they want to save for transportation fare. However, this is not the case in Europe. Europe's train tend to be expensive even more than airfares. Tourists need to book in advance or have a rail discount card to lessen the train fare.

Few Crimes- Europe is known to have fewer crimes. Tourists should not worry going to Europe since it is a safe place. However, they should still be vigilant in handling their belongings since thieves are also present in Europe. It is said that most thieves target Americans.

Overtipping- Most customers leave tips in restaurants and other service businesses. However, in Europe, it is not necessary to leave huge amount of tips since most of the European restaurants already include service charges in their bills. Even locals leave a small amount of tip when they eat. So don't be bothered of leaving just a few coins on the table.

Eating time- Most of the tourists and the European locals don't eat at the same time. Tourists usually eat early while the European locals eat late. Some restaurants offer two sittings each night. They usually open during 7pm for tourists and 9:30pm for the locals.

Noises at night- At night, Europe tends to be noisy. If tourists book for a room with a great view, they should not be sensitive when it comes to noises otherwise they cannot sleep. However, booking for a small room at the back of the hotel may be cheaper and a lot less noisier.

These are just some of the few guides and tips that tourists should remember when going to Europe. Although there are still tons of norms they should know about, remembering these few things will help make their stay in Europe a little hassle-free.