After the shocking season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead" where Negan killed Abraham and Glenn who is every fan's favorite, the second and the third episode that followed showed Carol and Morgan at The Kingdom and Daryl's life being a prisoner at the cell in Sanctuary. The season's fourth episode, on the other hand, will focus on Rick's group back in Alexandria with Negan paying them a visit. And he is not just bringing his saviors with him.

In an exclusive sneak peak on the fourth episode of "The Walking Dead" in the current season, it shows the fans Rick opening the gates of Alexandria to welcome Negan. Negan, on the other hand, shows off by taking his baseball bat Lucille into action by swinging it into a walker's head and killing it.

 And if the fans who have seen the exclusive sneak peak on the "Walking Dead's" upcoming episode on November 13, they may have seen a familiar face Negan brought with him. Because among Negan, Dwight, and the rest of the Saviors who came to Alexandria, is Daryl Dixon himself as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

On last week's episode of "The Waking Dead" Season 7, it focused on Daryl's state while being locked up in a cell in the Sanctuary naked and being fed with dog food every day. Negan then asked Daryl if he wanted to be one of the Saviors but as expected by the fans who knows Daryl since the first season, he refused.

The previous episode, according to Nerdist, also focused a bit on Dwight and how became a devoted Savior. "The Walking Dead" fans who have read the comics already know about the story: Dwight's wife agreed to be Negan's wife, and the ex-lovers broke Negan's rules which resulted to Dwight's face being ironed.

As compared to the comics, it was Carl who was made captive and was shown how the Saviors live in the Sanctuary. But who will set Daryl free? Will Negan bring him back to the Sanctuary? Will Dwight help Daryl escape? Will he escape himself? And much worse, will he accept Negan's offer? Find out on the upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" season 7 this Sunday on AMC.