"It's a brand new day, Rick," Negan told Rick in "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere. It's also a brand new day for the TWD fans for two of their most favorite characters were just killed by the show's new antagonist, Negan.

According to The New York Times, the creators of "The Walking Dead" including Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple have spent the past few months telling the fans that the cliffhanger move of the season 6 finale episode was not part of audience manipulation, and served as crucial demarcation between two phases of the story instead.

TWD fans are still in shock after the season 7 premiere revealed Negan's victims: Glenn and Abraham. "The Walking Dead" comic fans may already know that Glenn's fate went the same way- skull smashed, eyes popped out but they still did not think it will go the same way like Abraham's. Abraham, on the comics, was killed by Dwight before Rick's team met Negan, and not Denise.

Still, Glenn's death has shocked most of the fans since he has been surviving and thriving since the show's first season.

The show almost took the fans' breaths away when Negan instructed Rick to cut off Carl's arm or everyone in their group and in Alexandria dies.

In the end, the Saviors leave Rick and his group alone after they have agreed that Alexandria and its people will work for Negan and will come back for their supplies after a week. The team carries Glenn's and Abraham's bodies and heads off to the Hilltop.

According to The Telegraph, Negan has become scary by the way he managed to psychologically dominate Rick's group, and 'broke' them. What also makes him scary is watching Rick Grimes in tears and succumbing to Negan's mental torture.

The first part of the seventh season of "The Walking Dead" will run until December 11 and will be back in February 2017 for its second half.