After going head to head against AMC's "The Walking Dead", HBO's "Westworld" was slapped in the ratings when TWD's season 7 premiere was aired which revealed Negan's victims after its cliffhanger season 6 finale episode.

On Sunday night, "Westworld's" fourth episode reached 1.7 million viewers. The high- concept cable genre drama "The Walking Dead" on the other hand, reached about 17 million viewers. It was the second biggest audience the show has ever got, according to Entertainment Weekly.

With 12 million viewers, Westworld has not yet been renewed for a second season with HBO but critics are believe that this number of viewers is already considered very high in HBO so being renewed for another season is not impossible for the show. Having 12 million viewers is actually higher than any episode of the "Game of Thrones" got during its first season in HBO. It also showed that the show's audience keeps on growing after getting 2.1 million viewers after its second episode.

"The Walking Dead" has filled the audience with shock on its comeback. New characters who were killed by the antagonist on the show, Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has been revealed on the season 7 premiere after the season 6 cliffhanger finale where Negan was choosing between the team whom he will kill using his bat named Lucile. Fans were outraged when the show revealed Abraham and Glenn to be Negan's victims.

"Westworld's" fourth episode on the other hand, showed Maeve and Hector in an office at the saloon. Maeve has been experiencing some memories that her daily resets were not entirely erased. Maeve offers Hector the combination to the safe in exchange for some information and shows him a sketch. When Hector asked Maeve what she meant, Maeve answered that it meant she is not crazy.