For most distant and international flights, stopovers are inevitable. It is the event when you have to stay in another city for more than a couple of hours before you are able to proceed to your true destination. It might be troublesome sometimes since it can last up to 3 days, but a passenger can actually take advantage of this. A stopover is not only an alternative way to travel to more destinations at once (at a lower price), but it can also be a good opportunity for you to refresh in-between flights.

Tokyo comes to mind of most travellers when they hear the word 'stopover.' The airport has sleeping pods complete with clean sheets, comfortable bed and a refreshing shower. Make sure to book for these creative lodgings in advance. They are available for booking per hour with 3 hours being more than enough for you to recuperate. Of course, it's advisable to take a tour in the city and savor the Tokyo experience. Many travellers say it's possible to visit all the exciting places within 24 hours. Don't forget to taste sashimi, ramen, sushi and other delicacies that Japan has to offer.

Hong Kong is considered by many as the world's greatest stopover. If a traveller fancy a game of golf, the airport has a virtual game of golf called 'The Green Live' located at Terminal 2. If passengers are looking for a place to dine, rest, chill or take a shower, they don't have to leave the premises since Cathay Pacific and Qantas have lounges that cater to those needs. Conveniently, they have a train inside the airport that can transport visitors to the heart of the city within half an hour.

Singapore is said to be perfect for short stopovers. The airport features a swimming pool, rooftop cactus garden, butterfly garden and a free cinema where passengers can relax and freshen up. They also offer a free tour for the passengers if they want to visit the vibrant and luxurious city.