Lake Whitney house fire oddly took place as Texas homeowners set their own $700,000 mansion on fire. The owners who set the Lake Whitney house fire and reportedly decided it themselves as their house was teetering and crumbling over the edge of a Lake Whitney cliff for weeks.

The Lake Whitney house fire was allowed by the owners on Friday as over two weeks before, the house was condemned and the owners have already evacuated the property. According to The Associated Press, huge chunks from the cliff and the home have already been tumbling into the water.

The mansion's owners gave the go signal to have fire crews set Lake Whitney house fire. The National Post reports that the luxury house atop a crumbling 75-foot cliff over a lake at Central Texas was already teetering, which is why fire crews set Lake Whitney house fire.

Tearing down the 4,000-square-foot house built in the year 2007 by setting it on fire is reportedly better than waiting for it to fall down Lake Whitney, said authorities. Officials made use of hay which was saturated with diesel fuel to have the Lake Whitney house fire.

Lake Whitney house fire was begun shortly after 10 a.m. local time since authorities also found it to be the safest and cheapest option. They added that getting rid of piles of debris from the lake could even be excessive.

Before the option of putting Lake Whitney house fire, officials had reportedly thought of pulling the home away from the cliff and closer to land through the use of a giant net. However, this was thought of as unsafe. Another option was to just let the house fall on its own, but authorities say the debris from the fall will be too expensive to clean up.

Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hemrick of Hill County told NBCDFW that the owner will be having the charred debris moved to more stable land while crews remove the slab.

Lake Whitney house occurred in an area approximately an hour and a half-drive north of Dallas, Texas.

To watch the mansion being set on fire, see videos below.