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'Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi' Luke Skywalker Will Follow The Sith, Restore The Balance Of The Force & Be The Chosen One

Travelers Today       By    Daisuke Imashi

Updated: Apr 20, 2017 07:59 AM EDT

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For four long decades, the character of Luke Skywalker has always been a part of the movie franchise. That same character lives on in the upcoming “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi.” For several months, his character has been the center of speculations and theories. One theory hitting the web right now was from the recently dropped teaser for the upcoming film.

During the celebration, the much-awaited teaser of “Star wars 8: The Last Jedi” was released. Many fans were amazed and exhilarated. There were many, however, that were left baffled with Luke Skywalker’s voice in the teaser few seconds before it ends. The voice over was saying that he only know one truth, that it is time for the Jedi to end.

Some theorists claim that the character is the greatest proof of him being the Grey Jedi Like Qui-Gon Jinn. Others said that the statement is an indication that he is following the footprints of Darth Plagueis and is turning into a Sith. Another theory moreover suggests that he is the Chosen One, according to Express.

It is obvious that in the entire movie installments, all Sith aspire to see the Jedi Order end. Plagueis, on the other hand, saw a larger picture and it appears Luke is seeing the same. Obviously, all Sith desire the end of the Jedi Order, but Plagueis saw the much bigger picture and Luke seem to be following him.

One theory from the ST Reading Club takes it into greater heights pointing out how the character can no longer believe in the order and that the Jedi must never return. According to the theory, the ancient tome shown in the teaser is the Journal of the Whills, which keeps the history of the Force.

The “Force Awakens,” used a popular passage saying that "in the beginning, comes the day followed by the night, then after, the darkness shines through the Light. The only factor that will make it right is by resolving of Grey through polished Jedi sight." It is worth noting that the Grey believed that the order was very limited to other parts of the Force.

Aside from Luke Skywalker’s voice, Yoda’s voice can also be heard in the latest teaser chanting the words, "surrounds us, binds us," which most likely refers to the Force. This again is being related to another passage in the Journal of the Whills referring the force binding everything from a fundamental point of view.

It is possible with Luke studying the origins of the Jedi has uncovered that they are but a great obstacle in the restoration of the balance, the same line of thinking Palpatine has grown to believe. To Palpatine, the order became servants of the Republic serving to their own interest, they have become corrupted by being so focused on the Light and close minded about the Dark, says The Week.

In “Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi” it appears that to reestablish the balance, the order must end and a better way of utilizing the force must be discovered. If he came out successful, this proves that he is the Chosen One.

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