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'Microsoft Surface CloudBook' Latest News: Upcoming Device To Launch In May 2; Device Threatens ChromeBook

Travelers Today       By    Daisuke Imashi

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:42 AM EDT

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Microsoft, Microsoft Surface CloudBook\Microsoft May Event

The news and latest updates about the upcoming spring event of Microsoft are getting louder each day. The May 2 event, which will be held in New York, is going to be a showcase of the latest software and hardware updates of the tech giant and one device is expected to be launched, "Microsoft Surface CloudBook on Windows 10."

Fans are getting excited to see what could be in store for them when it comes to the specs and features of the latest flagship of Microsoft. However, as the previous reports noted, Microsoft's main goal on this event will be about education.

Coming from this, there is anticipation that this will be the time yet to reveal the much awaited "Microsoft Surface Pro 5' or the "Surface Book 2." It has been quite a while since the rumor regarding these two devices started, though the debut of these two devices is not expected to happen in the spring event. On the other hand, the tech giant could see it as an opportunity to reveal a midrange laptop. They could unveil the "Microsoft Surface CloudBook."

According to Science World Report, a report from Venture Beat said that "Microsoft Surface Cloudbook" could run on Windows 10 Cloud. Furthermore, the device will be able to access a number of applications that are available on Window Store. This is much possible except if some preferences in the settings will be changed by the user. Taking from this principle, "Surface CloudBook" will be more secure than other devices of Microsoft.

Windows Cloud's difference from a regular Windows is that the former can only run an application downloaded from Windows Store, that is the key thing that separates the two. It is quite the same as the old Surface tablets, Surface RT and Surface 2 when it comes to restriction compared to ordinary Windows computer.

It is perceived that in the long run, this kind of feature will be much an advantage for "Microsoft Surface CloudBook." This device which is primarily designed to run cloud applications only is also considered inexpensive and it would be the direct counter for the Chromebook's rising popularity today, PC-Tablet reported. In addition, this device can also run Win32 applications and for certain it will have an Intel chip.

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