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'iPhone 8 Latest News: Three New iPhones Coming; Release Possibly Delayed

Travelers Today       By    Daisuke Imashi

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:39 AM EDT

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Apple is reportedly planning to release three “iPhones” this coming fall. These are expected to be unveiled soon, however, the release will be delayed.

It is also said that the first is a 4.7-inch phone and the second one is a 5.5-inch phone while the third one is completely new. The first two IPS screens were already used but Bloomberg did not confirm if the design will be unlike the present “iPhone 7” and "7 Plus."

However, Apple is said to be equipping the third device as a higher end model accompanied by a radically unique approach. It is said to come with a bezel slim design along with curved glass, an OLED screen which is highly prominent on the front façade. Given that these features are truly possessed by Apple’s rumored third device, it can be said that it is not far different from Samsung Galaxy S8, says Ars Technica.

The report additionally said that the three new phones will be unveiled at the same time but the shipping of the redesigned model will be done later. The said report is more like of guesses, aside from the basic information on Apple’s redesigning for “iPhone.” The actual information of the things it can do is still unknown. This is not a total surprise, as Apple is known for its predictable yearly cadence.

According to CNBC, Apple could use dual lens camera system, which aligned vertically. It is also possible for the design to include a camera bump or a dual lens front camera. A TouchID sensor might also be integrated into the display glass. It is more accessible than using a separate button for it.

The company could also use a curved glass in front of the device as well as on the back and metal band around its edges, just like what “iPhone 4” had. Or it could have a curved glass front meeting its metal back, like what the current designs have. Although there is no assurance yet that these features or among these features will be included to the upcoming devices, it is said that Apple has tested these concepts.

Furthermore, the said phones are reportedly shipped with iOS 11 and processors produced on a 10nm process and not the 16nm TSMC process, which is currently used in Apple A10. It is a fact that TSMC and Samsung are working on 10nm manufacturing process.

The reported Apple’s three-phone strategy seems an odd way to shift from its two-phone strategy, which worked well in the past years, except for the “iPhone 6s” and "6S Plus," which did not match the performance of its predecessor. There is a possibility that the first two devices would be included on Apple’s middle iPhone tier and the one redesigned could sit above of the line-up. This would sustain Apple’s good-better-best system.

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