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'Pokemon Go' Major Event Update: What You Need To Know Before The Eggstravaganza Ends

Travelers Today       By    Daisuke Imashi

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:37 AM EDT

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The egg hunting started successfully at "Pokemon Go" Easter Eggstravaganza event, from Good Friday and lasted the whole week. There are some twists introduced in Egg hatching and how to be able to increase double XP gains.

The Easter Eggstravaganza event arrived in "Pokemon Go" on April 13 and will last until April 20. During this event, there are new creatures introduced in 2km Eggs, Candy drops from all Eggs are increased, double XP with Lucky Eggs doubling again for 4x gains is also increased and cost of Lucky Eggs by 50 percent in the store is reduced, reported Express.

The greater variety of Pokemon appears starting in 2km eggs is the main activity of this periodic event. It was stated in the early report from Silph Road Reddit that particular Pokemon from 5km and 10km, such as the Aerodactyl and Lapras, which are considered rare creatures, can be temporarily found in 2km Eggs.

Moreover, it is quite unexpected for Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, which are Gen 2 starters to appear in 5km Eggs. It is not yet certain if once the Easter event will conclude, these Eggs will also change.

Pokemon catchers should bear in mind that the Lucky Eggs, just like the Thanksgiving event last year, would be twice as effective while the Easter Eggstravaganza event is ongoing. With this premise, any XP gained will be four times worth instead of a traditional double XP increase. This is such good news for those who enjoy farming. Using techniques for getting XP faster, in which the player should make the lower Candy Pokemon evolve one after another, a 120,000 XP can be easily received in just sitting for half an hour.

Niantic has also lowered the costs of all bundles during the Easter event for those who are looking to use the Lucky Egg. The PokeCoin's cost depends on which bundle is being purchased. The bigger bundles also correspond to more savings, according to The Sun.

During the event, even if the player has Lucky Egg or none, catching and evolving as many Pokemon as they can is possible. There are some pointers a Pokemon catcher should remember in the "Pokemon Go" Easter Eggstravaganza event, a new creature is equivalent to 1000 XP or 2000 XP, together with a Lucky Egg and there is also an increase in rewards from Daily Bonus, which can be acquired through spinning a PokeStop every day.

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