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How to Survive Long Flights

Travel Tips: Enjoy Your Travels With These Five Tips On Battling Jet Lag

Jet lag is one of the most common problems that travelers have to deal with everytime they travel. It just takes away the fun and excitement out of tr...


Chateau de Chinon, Summer 2016

Fantasy Turned To Reality: Five Of The Worlds Most Surreal Castles

Have you always dreamed of walking through a castle's majestic halls and feel like a prince or princ...



Five Rules Chopstick Beginners Need To Keep In Mind

Chopsticks do not have a steep learning curve to use when eating in Japanese restaurants. But once l...


In Flight Drinking

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol On A Plane

Inebriation is available before flights in airport bars and in-flight through flight menus. There ar...


Tezutsu Hanabi- Handheld Fireworks in 4K slow motion- (手筒花火- 4Kスローモーション-)

Five Spectacular Fireworks Displays All Over The World

Fireworks displays are just lovely sights and it's always an event that you don't want to miss out. ...


Costa Rica Hotel Sustainable Practices

Travel Tips: Five Things You Should Know On Choosing A Green Hotel

Sustainable travel isn't that hard to practice. In fact, you can do that through the hotels that you...


Expense Management For Travel

Five Sure-Fire Ways On How To Save Money For Your Next Trip

Needing some more funds for your next trip? We've got you covered with these five sure-fire ways to ...


Island solutions: Sustainable tourism for secure livelihoods

Travel The World Without Harming The Environment: Five Ways Of Practicing Sustainable Tourism

Traveling isn't just all about fun but it should also serve a purpose. Every traveler should practic...


CO Ski Trip 2016 GoPro

Travel Packing Tips: What To Bring On Ski Trips

Ski trips are a lot of fun but there are a few things to remember to before going on one. It's a mus...


Best Sleep Mask - Best Eye Mask

A Travel Blogger's Secrets Revealed: Five Ways To Stay Fresh During Long Flights

Long haul flights are always a big problem for travelers beause they could cause so much stress leav...


10 Japanese Customs That Are Bizarre To The Western World

Local Laws And Customs Every Visitor Must Know Before Traveling To Japan

These are basic etiquettes every visitor must follow when in Japan.


It's more FUN in PALAWAN

Don't Like Crowds? Check Out These Five Crowd-Free Beaches In Asia

A lot of beach destinations get overcrowded as years go by and it's just a nightmare for travelers w...


Top 10 Affordable Countries For Budget Travelers

Five Travel Hacks To Avoid Crowds And Lower Expenses

Traveling is fun but not when large crowds and expenses come into play. There are some things that t...


Deep Fried

Five Reasons Why Singapore Cuisine Is One Of The World's Best

Singapore's cuisine stems from China -- also a haven of amazing food. Singapore is known for its nat...


Tips For Staying Fit & Healthy While Travelling!

How To Stay Healthy During Travel

Some tips to keep away the flu and the cold while traveling.


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