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It's more FUN in PALAWAN

Don't Like Crowds? Check Out These Five Crowd-Free Beaches In Asia

A lot of beach destinations get overcrowded as years go by and it's just a nightmare for travelers who don't like big crowds. Well, there's good news ...


Top 10 Affordable Countries For Budget Travelers

Five Travel Hacks To Avoid Crowds And Lower Expenses

Traveling is fun but not when large crowds and expenses come into play. There are some things that t...


Deep Fried

Five Reasons Why Singapore Cuisine Is One Of The World's Best

Singapore's cuisine stems from China -- also a haven of amazing food. Singapore is known for its nat...


Tips For Staying Fit & Healthy While Travelling!

How To Stay Healthy During Travel

Some tips to keep away the flu and the cold while traveling.


What is eco tourism? (IB geography)

Tips On How To Become An EcoTourist

Here are some handy,practical tips every traveler should do to promote ecotourism.


Commuters Flock To Work In The City Of London

Five Hacks On How To Make Your Business Travel Less Stressful

Not everyone is given a chance to go on a business trip. But for those who are privileged to travel ...


Euro Trip

Kymann Power's Budget Global Travel To Seven Countries Only Cost Less Than $200

Young blogger shows people that money is not an object if one puts their mind into digging for the b...


Iceland Northern Lights

Iceland Budget Travel: Five Ways To Shoestring Your Way Around

Iceland is perceived as an extremely expensive destination but there are five ways to ensure you cou...


Hotel Upgrades Free

Travel Tips: Five Ways On How You Can Get Free Hotel Upgrades

Hotel upgrades are a dime a dozen but being courteous and giving back to the hotel -- including its ...


Earn More Miles With These Amazing Tips and Tricks

Earn More Miles With These Amazing Tips and Tricks

There are many simple ways on how to increase your miles, and here are the latest tips and tricks on...


Thousands Meet For 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag

Five Tips For Women Who Are Traveling While Pregnant

Pregnant women who are about to travel especially on distant places need to take extra cautions so a...


Hopper Fair Bear

The Hopper 'Fair Bear' Feature Intends To Explain All The Add-on Costs To Flights Quickly

The quicker, the less confusing, and indeed better. Hopper's new "Fair Bear" feature introduces a wi...


Herepin: An App That Helps Connect Solo Travelers

Herepin: An App That Helps Connect Solo Travelers

A new app in the market is getting a lot of attention as it enables travelers to get connected with ...


25 Reasons Why Fear Of Flying Is Plane Silly

Five Tips To Help Cure Fear Of Flying

Aviophobia, or fear of flying, is a common problem around the world.


Myanmar (Burma) in 4k (Ultra HD) 60fps

Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Myanmar

Myanmar is slowly becoming a tourist hotspot nowadays and there are so many reasons why everyone sho...


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