One of the biggest concerns for business travelers is where they will stay when they get to their destination. Travelers have many choices nowadays. You can stay in a traditional hotel or motel, rent an apartment or house through a home-sharing service, or stay in a corporate rental. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Staying in a Hotel or Motel

Hotels and Motels often offer discounts to business travelers for extended stays. They provide such amenities as free internet, access to conference rooms, and free breakfast.

Before you book a hotel, remember to ask how fast the internet is and what kind of guarantee they offer for business travelers if the internet should fail during a time of need. They are likely to charge you extra for booking a conference room and you will have to reserve it well in advance of your stay. 

The free breakfast would have to be fairly elaborate in order to justify the price of most hotel rooms. Many hotel chains just offer a cold breakfast in the morning, the value of which is often less than a dollar.

Hotels are not always the most secure places to stay. Thieves have been known to target unsuspecting travelers in such places as the parking lot and pool area. Be sure to do a little internet research on the area you will be staying in. Make sure it is free of crime and that you are near shopping and restaurants.


Airbnbs continue to grow in popularity in the United States and abroad. The service allows you to select from a wide variety of different accommodations. They offer everything from entire houses to a sofa in someone's living room.

As with any new business, Airbnb has experienced its share of problems. Travelers have arrived to their accommodations to find that the hosts have canceled out at the last minute, leaving weary people to find an emergency replacement.

There is also a good amount of fraud on the platform. People arrived at homes that are not Airbnb's at all or the host may have attempted to downgrade them to a room with fewer amenities for the same cost or to ask for more money at the last minute.

Although the company does provide refunds if the listings are inaccurate, it would be difficult to sue Airbnb if anything went seriously awry because The hosts do not work for them. The hosts are merely offering their services on the company's platform.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is almost always the best option for a business traveler. A company that is staffed with business travel professionals such as Stafford Corporate Housing will be able to provide you with everything you need to make your stay perfect.

A corporate apartment will be sparkling clean and have a full kitchen and a large living area where you can relax at the end of a long day and enjoy dinner without having to go out. It will provide you with a place to work out and a conference room for meetings. 

It will be in a safe neighborhood that is near shopping, diming, and tourist attractions. The staff will know the town well and they will be able to tell you the best places to eat and visit while you are in town.

You will never be able to do a good day's work unless you have had a good night's sleep and a comfortable and safe place to stay.  Choosing the right accommodation is an important part of making your journey worthwhile.