June 19, 2024 10:56 AM

winter weather

Travel Tips: Ice Castles And Hotels That Will Surely Give You The Best Frozen-Like Experience This Winter

It's amazing how there are hotels made out of ice existing these days. Here are some of the ice hotels you should visit.


100 Year old Paradise Inn: The Last Chance to Experience Paradise

Since winter is finally approaching, campers will only have until the weeked to stay, dine, and enjoy the view while being one with nature at the Mount Rainier National Park before the 100 year old Paradise Inn closes on Monday, October 3.


Winter Storm Leads Southwest Airlines to Cancel Flights At Midway; Passengers Left Stranded on the Tarmac for Hours

Southwest Airlines cancelled several flights due to the heavy winter storm. Over 130 flights have been cancelled at Midway International Airport including all flights through noon, CBS Local reported Friday.


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