Washington police issued an infraction ticket to a dying man in hospital on his 61st birthday after the snow forced him to walk in the street, where he was run over.

Joseph Adams, 61, was hit on Friday and taken to hospital after he was hit by a pick-up truck when he was forced to walk in the street due to piled-up snow after last week's winter storm. 

He was taken to hospital, where he died three days later.

Joseph's sister, Crystal Adams, 60, said her brother was forced to work in the street because snow was piled up on the sidewalk, resulting in treacherous conditions for any pedestrian.  Police reports also showed that the snow played a role in the incident, causing the pick-up truck to slide when the driver braked. 

Crystal also said that her brother was issued a notice of infraction for walking in the street when the sidewalk "was available".  He was issued the ticked on Saturday, his 61st birthday, which he spent in hospital with a spinal fracture. 

The driver of the pick-up told police he was unable to break fully because of the snow and it was difficult to see Joseph because he was wearing dark clothing.

Crystal remembers her brother as a soft-spoken and easy-going man, who often walked to his doctor's appointments, which is where he was heading when the crash happened.