As the Holiday Season is approaching, many people can't wait for winter. Despite the cold temperature, lots of people enjoy playing in the snow and having a nice cold winter day. Even tourists, who do not experience snow in their own countries, love to travel and experience the ice-cold winter.

There are many hotels in different parts of the world offering that Frozen-like, winter experience. Great for travelers who loves the snow and ice, Fodors and Travel and Leisure listed down some of those hotels with unique interiors made out of ice or having a winter concept. Here are some of these great ice-cold hotels.

1. Kirkenes Snowhotel- This great ice hotel is found in Norway, giving guests a chance to mingle with the country's reindeers and huskies that could be found in the hotel lounge. Guests will surely enjoy viewing the ice and snow sculptures displayed all over the hotel. The hotel also offers great meals and drinks along with activities such as viewing northern lights, a crab fishing tour and a skiing tour.

2. IceHotel- For a real icecy experience, this ice hotel in Sweden provides travelers an experience of a lifetime. The hotel is made from Torne River waters and is open for the whole year. It also provides tons of activities for its guests to experience the life in Sweden. Because of its cold temperature, guests get to charge gadgets and use the comfort rooms separately.

3. The Snowcastle- Built to please all their guests no matter what season it is, this great castle changes their architectural tone every season. This castle-hotel is also known for having one of the best ice sculptures to please their guests. It also has a restaurant serving delicious cuisines and a chapel for weddings.

4. Hotel de Glace- This French hotel can be found in Canada. Known for having one of the best ice and snow sculptures in the world, the hotel is quite popular among many people. With the effort to change the hotel's design each year, many travelers await what kind of theme the hotel will construct for the next year. The hotel provides blanket coverings to keep guests warm despite the ice-cold temperature.

5. Eskimas Vas- By the mountains of Slovenia, the Eskimas Vas offers its guests tons of activities with the snow. From cable car riding to snow sledding, guests stay in this ice hotel will surely be unforgettable.