May 27, 2024 8:31 AM

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Travel Tips: Ice Castles And Hotels That Will Surely Give You The Best Frozen-Like Experience This Winter

It's amazing how there are hotels made out of ice existing these days. Here are some of the ice hotels you should visit.


European Ski Resorts Open Early To Celebrate Best Snowfall In 20 Years

After years of slow starts and disappointing snow coverage, 2016 has offered a promising start to the ski seasons. Following a significant amount of snowfall in the Alps in early November, European ski resorts have opened earlier than expected.


Top Five Reasons Why You Should Be Traveling During The Winter Season

Most people would not want to travel during the cold days of the winter season. Many of us would prefer to stay at home and relax by the fire, away from the blistering cold. Here is a list of five reasons why you should go on a vacation during the holiday season.


Best Affordable Vacation Spots For The Winter

Are you looking to get out and explore some place new this winter without having to dole out a small fortune? Well, worry not. These top-notch vacation spots are the perfect places to burn away the frostbite and experience true relaxation on a budget this January.


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