Most people would not want to travel during the cold days of the winter season. Many of us would prefer to stay at home and relax by the fire, away from the blistering cold. But even so, there are many good reasons why people should go traveling, especially during the winter season.

Eager travelers will be thrilled if ever they visit wonderful places and do a lot of exciting activities, such as stroll along the baroque cityscapes and cobblestone streets of Vilnius in Lithuania, enjoy a variety of food, music and company while partying in the San Sebastian Street Festival of San Juan in Puerto Rico, watch the floating lanterns of the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei City, Taiwan, go on an African safari in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park in South Africa, go snorkeling and kayaking in the sparkling blue lagoon of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and finish off the year by spending it in the New Year's Festival in Dublin, Ireland, as suggested by National GeographicSo, here is a list of five reasons why the holiday season is the perfect time to go on an awesome adventure, acquired from Travel and Leisure:

Reason number one is, there are plenty of airfare deals, especially during the holidays. Some airlines would even promo flight deals that can be acquired for as low as 7 dollars, particularly the post-election deals. The second reason for traveling during this time around is travelers can get luxury for less. Most people would think that it is very difficult to get in to luxury hotels during the holidays, but actually, there are cities like Bangkok if you're planning to go to Asia and Warsaw if you're planning to go to Europe, that offers luxury hotels for a low cost.

Number three, it will lessen one's stress. Studies show that traveling can also decrease the risk of depression and heart attack. Number four, you're running out of time to use your remaining vacation days. It's a good thing to use it now. Lastly, some awesome places are actually disappearing. Due to the change in climate, places like the Galapagos and Venice are in the risk for disappearing. You might want to go there now before it's all gone.