Are you looking to get out and explore some place new this winter without having to dole out a small fortune? Well, worry not. These top-notch vacation spots are the perfect places to burn away the frostbite and experience true relaxation on a budget this January.

1. Dubai

Though it's not necessarily known to be the cheapest travel destination, Dubai is an amazing place to be during the winter months. Not only do prices drop in the Middle East during winter, but the usually extreme climate simmers down to the low 80s, making it perfect beach weather.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, breath-taking sights, and seasonally rock-bottom prices, January is the time for Dubai's seasonal shopping festival. It's the perfect time to visit the UAE.

2. Australia

Though Australia may be in its peak seasons during the winter months, flights still remain to be unbelievably cheap during this time. Book a flight early and you'll get to enjoy summer in the time that you usually associate with winter.

With some of the world's most beautiful fireworks displays on New Year's and Australia Day at the end of the month, it's no wonder the Land Down Under found its way on to this list.

3. Kenya

If you're looking for something wild to do this holiday season (and no, we're not talking about parties), then this is the place for you. With affordable flight prices, discounted safari and wilderness tours, Kenya is the perfect vacation spot for you.

January and February are the most popular times to visit since it's the dry season. During these months, it's easiest to find wild animals around watering holes. In addition, these months fall under calving season, making it a great time to witness the miracle of life.

4. Amsterdam

If you think Paris is romantic during the winter, wait until you see Amsterdam. With its snow powdered canals, dim lights, and cozy nooks, you're guaranteed to make memories here that will forever be in your heart.

During this off-season, flights and hotels are very cheap. The Amsterdam Light Festival also runs through the month of January, making it an even more spectacular place to visit. Other activities involve visiting museums, having a pint or two in beer breweries, and exploring indoor boat canals.

5. Spain

With warmer temperatures than most parts of Europe during the winter months, Spanish spots make great vacation destinations in January. Experience the art, music, and scenery of one of the world's richest cultural countries.

Places like the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Costa del Sol, and Seville are all incredible off-season places. With great exchange rates and the launching of budget travel routes, the winter may just be the perfect time for you to have your very own Spanish holiday.