April 18, 2024 6:32 PM

virtual reality

See How Ancient Romans Watched The Opening Games At The Colosseum With Holograms And Virtual Reality

A new multimedia show in the grand Colosseum will take its audience back in time to witness the Opening Games. Dubbed Sangue e Arena, the show will make use of holograms and elaborate lighting for a realistic experience.


Relive Ancient Jerusalem Through Virtual Reality This Easter

You can now visit Ancient Jerusalem with the use of a virtual reality app.


Travelers Can Learn More About History By Experiencing It In-Location Firsthand Through VR Technology

Virtual reality is more than an entertainment tool; the device can take you places and make you feel you are part of the experience. Travelers can finally journey the world in their own living rooms or experience the "virtual history" of a city ruin or a country's ancient landmark during its heydays.


2017 Sundance Film Festival: From Anti-Trump Protests to Australian Virtual Reality

The Sundance Film Festival is back with more surprising turns this year. From anti-Trump protests to VR films from Australia, the world-acclaim filmfest is slated on Jan. 19 to 29 in Park City, Utah.


Exploring Chernobyl Made Possble with the Use of Virtual Reality

The Farm 51, a game studio from Poland who possess some next generation graphics technology, are is making virtual reality exploration of the infamous nuclear power plant at Chernobyl possible. The Chernobyl VR Project aims to give a promising experience for those who would want to travel and discover the radioactive accident location in Pripyat,Ukraine without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals.


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