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Relive Ancient Jerusalem Through Virtual Reality This Easter

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Apr 11, 2017 06:06 AM EDT

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Ancient Jerusalem
Lithodomos VR allows users to view ancient sites and ruins in their original splendor.
(Photo: Lithodomos VR Lithodomos)

For history buffs, visiting ancient ruins and sites usually encompasses half of their vacation itinerary. Even though mostly, these ancient sites are just remains of what they really look like hundreds and thousands of years ago, it's still fairly enjoyable to visit and enjoy these sites.

Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world, is a favorite spot for archaeologists, history buffs or leisure travelers alike. The city has stood since ancient times, and although it has now evolved into a modern city, there are still certain preserved areas in the ancient city that travelers can visit.

But what if you can actually visit Jerusalem in its original splendor? What if you can walk down its streets and see how it really was during Biblical times? With Lithodomos VR, you can.

Lithodomos VR is an Australian virtual reality archaeological startup that allows users to visit ancient sites using virtual reality. Just buy the app on Google Play or the App store, have your own virtual reality headset, and you're good to go. You can now be transported to Ancient Jerusalem.

The brainchild behind this venture is Simon Young, an Australian archaeologist. Young spent decades getting all the details right for a complete, realistic experience, and according to those who've tried, it's as if they've really stepped back through time.

Tourists to Jerusalem can now have the option of visiting ancient sites and seeing it in VR through the Lithodomos app. Other popular ancient sites also include Ancient Athens and Rome.

"The VR content that we are deploying on the app is the result of carefully researched material from archaeological excavations, site plans, elevation drawings, photographs of textures and [geographic information system] mapping, as well as topographical data from NASA's ASTER digital elevation models," Young said to Live Science. In that way, he added, all the content will be linked in the real world, providing a more in-depth experience.

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