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What Is The Coolest Tree In Europe? Comeptition Is Set To Find Out

Europe holds one of the most wonderful places in the world. And do you know what else they consider beautiful? Their trees. This year, Europe is set to find the coolest tree with its European Tree of the Year Award, and there are 16 contending countries vying for a spot in the limelight with their entries.


Travel Tips: The Best Places In Italy You Shouldn't Leave Out Of Your Itinerary

The cities of Italy eahc have their own wonders. Find out some of the best cities in Italy you should visit and discover.


Review: Sleeping With Gargoyles: Hotel Pax, Amsterdam

The Hotel Pax is a 1* rated hotel located in the middle of old Amsterdam. Here's why I think it deserves a five-star review.


Traveling Europe on a Train? Here are 5 Nifty Tips

Traveling Europe is the most exciting way one can get to know the continent. It’s a charming means to see the views, meet new people and save up on a lot of travel expenses.


4 Cheap Countries in Europe You Need to Visit Now

It’s 2014 and what better way to start the first half of the year than traveling. Europe is one of the world’s top destinations, boasting of extremely diverse and unforgettable experiences that make for a truly privileged vacation.


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