The Hotel Pax is a 1* rated hotel located in the middle of old Amsterdam.  Here's why I think it deserves a five-star review.

On my first trip to Amsterdam, I went on my own, unbeknownst to me, slap bang right in the middle of Amsterdam's Gay Pride Weekend.  I booked a hotel online because I got a late room deal on Hotel Pax and, enchanted by the beautiful stone façade of the hotel I was at least happy about the aesthetics of my chosen place.  

I got into Amsterdam early in the afternoon and, ringing the doorbell, the Pax's owner came down to meet me and carried my very heavy suitcase up the classic, vertical Amsterdam staircase that looms out from the darkness.  The owner was very chatty and friendly and he was happy to answer my questions about the history of the place.

The Hotel Pax was formerly the house of the Swedish Consulate and his family, now split into rooms for the hotel.  Well, that explained the grand exterior.  I was nervous, though; what would the room of a 1* place be like? I needn't have worried.  The room in the Hotel Pax had a double bed and French patio doors which opened to a huge stone balcony adorned with Gargoyles that looked down onto the Raadhuisstrat below; to my delight, this turned out to be the main parade route for Pride weekend! 

The room was spotless and the owner cleaned my room and did the laundry every day, without being intrusive at all.  He also circled places on a map that I should visit and gave me precise directions. 
Food was not included, but there was a cheap and delicious little cafe and waffle-house on the same street where I ate everyday.   

Amsterdam was beautiful and I had a fantastic time seeing friends, but the service in the Hotel Pax and having a beautiful room like this to come back to at night for a smoke on the balcony was the icing on the cake.  I honestly would be loathe to stay anywhere else in Amsterdam other than Hotel Pax! 

Rooms at Hotel Pax start from 35 Euros per night.