Have you ever gone on holiday, bought too much stuff and not been able to carry or even close your suitcase on the way back?  There are a few ways you can keep the stuff you've bought and still get your carry-on luggage onto the plane.  These are really last-ditch measures, so obviously try to avoid buying too much in the first place. 

Stack Your Suitcases

Bring a smaller suitcase or holdall, stack it into your carry-on and bring it with you. This means that, if you need to use it, you'll only have to pay for a bag check-in on the way home.  If you do check it in both ways, you may find you don't need an extra bag at all, so you've wasted money.  

Ditch Your Laundry

Since I started traveling a lot, I've started to buy cheap clothes that I can throw away and not worry about it.  In the U.K, I but things from Primark, but I guess the US equivalent is WalMart or something? Like somewhere you can buy underwear for $5 and dresses and tees for about the same.  My entire holiday wardrobe last year cost about £25.  Choose light fabrics that are easily washed and dried. Throw them away at the end of the holiday and voila! Empty bag for all your souvenirs!

Post Your Souvenirs Back  

This is a lot easier and cheaper if you're travelling within your own country and just have some small and light things to post back.  Check with the local mail service and see how much it costs for the local mail service.  Get a list before you go of the costs of various types of postage in case you need to use it.  Then pack up your little souvenirs and send them back to your house.  If they get back before you, the post office will usually keep them for about a month.  

These are three options to consider if you find yourself stuck with extra baggage on your way home.  Have you got any extra tips? Let us know in the comments!