The film adaptation of John Green's novel, The Fault In Our Stars, has been getting people excited over the past few weeks and this has reached fever pitch with the release of the brand new The Fault In Our Stars film trailer, and the filming locations have just been announced. 
The Fault In Our Stars is a sweet, sad love story about two teenagers who meet and fall in love at a cancer therapy group.  The Fault In Our Stars film is currently being shot in Pittsburgh and Amsterdam and any fan of the book can and should visit one or both of these exciting cities in the run up to the film's release. 


Pittsburgh is the second largest state in Pennsylvania and has a lot to offer a Fault In Our Stars fan.  While wandering around the city, you can experience the vibrant, exciting culture everywhere. A burgeoning centre for counter-culture, the people of the city are unpretentious and down-to-earth.  Pittsburgh is home to many amazing museums, catering to both contemporary and archaeological finds and pieces of art.  It is also home to the Andy Warhol Musuem; the only museum in the world dedicated to the artist. 
The city also has a very lively music scene, particularly in that of indie-rock; no struggle to see why they chose this as a main filming location for The Fault In Our Stars film. 


Amsterdam is another city which is full of diverse, cool counter-culture.  Check out some of the vintage stores and pick up a cool denim jacket like lead Fault In Our Stars character, Ellen.  The city is huge and has many romantic walks around the beautiful architecture and canals.  Amsterdam is a very romantic city which perfectly captures the mood of the Fault In Our Stars Book.  Don't miss the Van Gogh gallery, where you can take an audio tour exploring the troubled artist's life or the Rijksmuseum, which is set in a huge park and is beautiful to wander around in the summer.  Drink some red wine in the Vondelpark and lie in the grass discussing philosophy like the characters in The Fault In Our Stars.  

Amsterdam is renowned for it's relaxed atmosphere and is particularly beautiful during the summer months where you can sit beside the canal and chill out until the sun goes down.  Afterwords, check out a cool bar or a gig.