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Mas Au Chocolat in Phantasialand (Bruhl, Germany)

These Phantasialand Attractions are for Those Afraid of Roller Coasters

Phantasialand is best known for its high-speed, thrilling roller coasters, but it also has something to offer those who are not fond of such rides in a theme park.


Dubai's Largest Park And Resort Has Been Officially Inaugurated

The massive theme park has a total of 100 rides and attractions. It recently opened on December 18 featuring three main theme parks.


World's Biggest Theme Park Expected To Rise In Dubai By 2020

Dubai is already home to some of the world's grandest theme parks and attractions, and it looks like there will be more.


Let The New Bollywood Parks Entertain You When You're In Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resort recently opened a Bollywood theme park. Enjoy fun and festive rides and performances with favorite Bollywood movies of all time.


Top Five Latest Rides From Theme Parks Around The World; Rides To Watch Out For On 2017

Almost two months to go and Year 2017 will be starting to give its big wave of hello. In connection to that, new theme parks and rides are being planned all around the world, from continents like Asia, Europe and North America.


Best Attractions for Halloween 2015

Here are some of the best 2015 Halloween Attractions.


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