Almost two months to go and Year 2017 will be starting to give its big wave of hello. In connection to that, new theme parks and rides are being planned all around the world, from continents like Asia, Europe and North America.

According to LA Times, there are a bunch of new rides and attractions on tap at parks outside the United States. Some projects may get delayed while others may be opening sooner than expected.

Nonetheless, here's the top five, among the best rides originally listed, which will be deemed as one of the most anticipated attractions for 2017:

1. Finding Dory simulator ride at Tokyo DisneySea

The Finding Dory ride will be an indoor simulator ride. It will be replacing the StormRider simulator in the Port Discovery section of Tokyo Disney Sea.

Guests will board a submarine that "shrinks" down to fish size, enabling them to interact with the stunning underwater world of Pixar's Finding Nemo and Finding Dory from the characters' perspective.

2. Ghostbusters 5D dark ride at Heide Park

The Heide Park in Germany has announced its plans for a Ghostbusters 5D dark ride this 2017.

The new Ghostbusters attraction described as a dark ride style experience as guest will be on the wheels via Ecto-1 car, armed with their own proton blaster to bust ghosts and their master Lord Explorus inside a mysterious warehouse, as explained by Screamscape.

3. Star Trek coaster at Movie Park Germany

A Star Trek coaster is landing at Movie Park Germany. The theme park had announced that a "Star Trek-inspired" launched steel roller coaster will be opened come 2017.

The roller coaster, officially named "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise," will be built by Mack Rides, as further reported by

4. Ferrari Land at PortAventura

Tagged as Europe's largest and fastest roller coaster that goes at 112mph, the new Ferrari Land will make car racing fans behind the wheel of the Italian luxury sports cars when the new themed land debuts in 2017 at PortAventura in Spain.

The new land will feature accordingly four rides: a launched roller coaster, a pair of drop towers, a race car simulator and a miniature motorway, as described by LA Times.

5. Legoland Japan

According to Legoland Japan's official site, it is scheduled to open in April 1st 2017.

LEGOLAND® Japan is a theme park located in Nagoya. The $315-million theme park will feature rides and attractions such as the observation tower, Technics roller coaster, Aquazone water ride and a junior driving course.