July 22, 2024 4:54 PM


Dubai: The New Home For Legoland, Motiongate, Bollywood And Many More

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the world's first integrated theme parks Legoland & Legoland Waterpark, Motiongates, Bollywood Park complimented with posh shopping, chic dining and entertainment.


Top Five Latest Rides From Theme Parks Around The World; Rides To Watch Out For On 2017

Almost two months to go and Year 2017 will be starting to give its big wave of hello. In connection to that, new theme parks and rides are being planned all around the world, from continents like Asia, Europe and North America.


Top Fictional Vehicles from Movies

Vehicles are important in movies because they help the main character travel fast in order to catch the antagonist or just to get to any place. They are designed to have unique features compared to the vehicles of the real world. Here are some of the many vehicles from films that movie goers are sure to identify.


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