Everybody enjoys a good scare during Halloween. Nothing beats the feeling of your heart pounding and blood rushing through your veins as you relive the moments similar to your favorite horror movies in these Halloween Attractions all over the world.

The first one is just like the horror movie "The Reaping" starring Hilary Swank, the 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will certainly look familiar. The haunted houses as its attractions have been hailed by HauntWorld Magazine as one of the most detailed in the world. The people behind this change the 13 themes every year, and these houses have new haunts this year including the "Posession Cabin" that is full of demonic entities, the "Grimm's Fairy Tales" and the 40,000 feet "Necropolis Haunted Cemetery."

The second is another attraction that boasts of its elaborate special horror effects is Netherworld in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from detailed costumes, set up and themes, along with professional actors, Netherworld varies the attractions every year. This 2015 they will feature new effects like elevator simulators, ghost and monster effects that the public has never seen before, including a giant robot out for blood. New additions are what they call "The Rotting," "Unearthed" and "Vault 13," where dark spirits roam and a supernatural plague takes place.

The third is inspired by the hit movie "Psycho" and TV Series "Bates Motel" is a Halloween attraction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which pays tribute to the twisted lives of Norman and his mother. The attraction dubbed as "Bates Motel" is a famous theme park, which features haunted hayrides, animatronics and pyrotechnics that will send shivers down your spine. The attraction has been reeling in Halloween vacationers for 25 years already.

The fourth is more suitable for kids, the Corn Maze at Oakes Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. The 9 acre corn maze with pedal carts, bouncy pillows and giant slides is what they call the "Trail of Doom." The kids will get the chance to trek the trail through a 12-page story book that will serve as their guide through the maze. The farm is relatively less scary, but it is perfect for families to have fun and still get that Halloween thrill.

The fifth is for the braver souls. The Dent Schoolhouse located on an actual abandoned and haunted building is the ultimate destination for a Halloween vacation. The schoolhouse is brought to life by Hollywood style sets. It is said that the legend of the murderer, Janitor, still haunts the place, but do not take the word for it, go ahead and see it.