May 25, 2024 9:50 PM

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Best Ways To Celebrate Christmas Eve; Plus Free Santa Tracker Here

With Christmas Eve just around the corner, it is time to have a plan celebrating it. Surround yourself with friends and family as you all commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.


Pokemons Celebrate This Christmas Season In Baguio City, Philippines   

The Baguio Country Club opened its much-awaited Christmas Village this month. Everyone is welcome to witness the magnificent decor and unique display of lights. Since this archipelago never experience snow, the organizers have given its residents a chance to enjoy "white Christmas."


Visit Lapland This Winter To Experience A Magical Christmas Trip At Santa's Hometown

Lapland - There is a prominent winter getaway for British families where you can spend your holiday more magically.


Santa Uses Sign Language to a Kid Who has Trouble with Speech

A heartwarming Christmas moment captured in video goes viral in Youtube when Santa Claus uses sign language to communicate to a little girl who has difficulty with speech. The cute moment captivated the hearts of many and was later posted in the Facebook page of the Cleveland Centre.


Top 5 Fictional People Who Never Really Existed

There are some characters that have become influential even though they actually never existed. This article features some of the most influential people whose existence are either questionable or they were just made up.


Model Reimages Santa Claus for a Cause

Paul Mason decided to take a fashionable spin at this holiday icon by being a 'Fashion Santa' for the sake of charity. Mason, a model who has been in the industry for 30 years, is seen in Yorkdale Mall in Toronto sporting stylish clothing and a white beard but he does away with the bulky figure.


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