Few hours more and it will be Christmas. The most magical time of the year. It is more fun and exciting for kids and the whole Santa Claus experience will thrill them until they grow up. If you don't have any to-do-list yet on Christmas Eve, it's never too late to plan one.

Be it traditional or updated Christmas Eve celebration; choose an activity that the entire family will enjoy. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Christmas Eve:

1. Spend the entire night with your family and your extended family, if possible. There is nothing more perfect than having complete family inside your house. If your siblings will come together with their kids, it will surely be more fun. The kids will surely love to have their grandparents with them as well. The more, the merrier, as they say. Being with your loved ones is the true Christmas spirit.

2. Watch Christmas movies. Download a list of Christmas movies for the entire family. Most TV Channels are showing Christmas movies anyway so there is no need to purchase or download them. Just make sure to check the TV schedule so that you will not miss the movies.

3. Do something spiritual. Say thanks before dinner and remember the coming of Jesus Christ. Attend a mass with the entire family.

4. To make Christmas Eve more magical for your kids, ask them to hang stockings that Santa can fill with candies. Mirror suggests that if no stockings are available, sack or pillowcase will do. Ask kids to leave a snack for Santa and Rudolf. A glass of milk and pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf is the best choice. To make the whole Santa experience more realistic for them, ask them to track Santa on the internet before they go to bed. Santa Tracker is available here.

5. Travelers Today has an amazing suggestion. Go out with family or friends. Stroll around the city. Look for restaurants or pub where you can spend quality time talking, eating and laughing. Visit parks that are open during Christmas Eve.