It is sometimes unavoidable for clothes to be wrinkled when traveling. Clothes also take much of the space in the suitcase. Here are some tips on how to roll clothes to save space and reduce wrinkles as you pack them.

1. Rolling clothes work well with pajamas, jeans, tops, t-shirts, shorts, and socks. According to WikiHow, US Military makes this folding technique popular. It dramatically increases the number of clothes that can fit in the suitcase. For a pair of jeans, fold them in half lengthwise. Make them smooth. Start rolling from the bottom of the jeans going up. Fold and put the jeans first inside your bag before other smaller clothes.

2. T-Shirt. Put your shirt face down on a surface. Fold the sleeves at the center of the shirt. Make the shirt smooth and wrinkle free. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise. Roll the shirt from the bottom going top.

3. Long-Sleeve Shirts. On a flat surface, lay the shirt face-down. Put the sleeves back; fold them down again until it touches the hem of the shirt. Fold lengthwise and roll starting from the hem of the shirt.

4. Skirts and dresses should be put at the bottom of the case because they are bigger than the shirts and undergarments. Put the dress on a flat surface face-down. Make any bulky part smooth. Fold lengthwise making sure that one-half is completely covering the other half. Make it smooth again then start rolling the dress.

5. Jackets. Zip it and put it on a flat surface. Fold the sleeves backward. Fold the jacket into half vertically. Start to roll from the edge of the collar. Help securing it with a string, a tape or a rubber band.

Real Simple has a better idea for the frequent traveler. The article suggested that if possible; choose clothes made from cotton, knits, and wools. Clothes made from these materials are more versatile and less likely to develop crease. Travelers Today has a lot of articles on how to pack your suitcase for travel.