The dilemma most travellers have before embarking on a trip is packing. Even the most seasoned traveller has his fair share of packing mishaps. So whether you travel with a back pack or loads of luggage, here are some of the rules of thumb when it comes to choosing the three most important things you will bring on your tour.

Clothes and essentials are very basic items you should have. However, first and foremost research and consider your destination. Bring clothes that are both climate and culture appropriate to the place you are heading to. You don't want to pack up clothes you do not need like jeans if you are going straight to the beach. Also, according to National Geographic's 'Ten Rules of Packing' author, Aric Queen, bring only half of the clothes you intended to pack and twice the amount of money you were planning to bring. You can also always buy clothes along the way, so there's no need to bring excess.

Aside from clothing, make sure the essentials you bring are worthy of carrying around.  Essentials can mean your medicines if you are on any. These are also your personal stuff like toiletries. If you are going camping or trekking, then make sure you pack a complete set of toiletries with you, but if you are heading to a big city, or a resort, remember that they all have these, from soaps and shampoos to toothpaste. Hotels have these items ready for you; if they don't, you can always stop over a convenience store. Anyway, most of these items will be left or disposed of along the way.

Last but not the least, perhaps what travellers overlook most of the time are their actual bags and luggage. In as much as possible, avoid bringing bulky back packs or excessive hand bags and totes. If your things can fit in one bag or suitcase, the better. You want to keep your hands free when you travel to increase your mobility or so that you could take snap shots anytime, anywhere. Always pack a handy spare bag with you, either for new items you bought along the way or in cases you need one to store additional luggage upon going home.